ISO 27001



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ISO 27001 Backup Policy

Backup Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect against loss of data. Information is backed up securely in line with the data retention requirements, business requirements and legal and all legal and regulation legislation requirements including but not limited to the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018. Backup and restoration procedures are documented, in place …

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03 Asset Management Policy

Asset Management Policy

The ISO 27001 asset management policy ensures the correct assets are identified and protected. We can protect what we do not know. Information and information processing, storing and transmitting devices are identified and an inventory of these assets is drawn up and maintained. Ownership of assets is identified, agreed and documented along with roles and responsibilities. …

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Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy

Clear Desk Policy

The clear desk policy and clear screen policy. The purpose of this policy is to reduces the risks of unauthorized access, loss of and damage to information during and outside normal working hours. Principles, Confidential Information, Paper Records, Printers, Cash, Cheques, Bank Cards, Payment Devices, Media Disposal, Desk Cleaning are all covered in this policy. …

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