The ISO 27001 People

At High Table, we don’t pretend to be anything we’re not. 

The Team

Stuart Barker Avatar High Table

Stuart Barker: ISO 27001 Ninja

Hi. This is me, Stuart Barker the ISO 27001 ninja and the mastermind behind High Table: The ISO 27001 Company, guru of governance risk and compliance, YouTube master and author of the unrivalled ISO 27001 Toolkit. Having built two successful information technology businesses from the ground up and a wealth of consulting experience, I am the ISO 27001 coach you’ve been waiting for. With the ISO 27001 Ninja in your corner, you’ll reach ISO maestro status in record time. 


Fay Barker: Client Director

Fay is the queen of client events, conferences and client liaison. With a strong background in information security, Fay knows the industry like the back of her hand. Got a product query? Not quite sure what you need to get ISO 27001 Certified? Can’t find what you were looking for on the site? Don’t sweat it. Fay will guide you through your ISO journey and get you on the right track. She also happens to be my wife.

We’re a small but mighty team of two with a global footprint.

We help people like you get the ISO 27001 certification you need to achieve bigger and better things.

With our shared passion for information technology and kickboxing, we have the discipline, stamina and determination to make the ISO world a better place for our customers. We’re the trailblazers of the ISO 27001 certification process, and we’ve worked hard to get here.

Our Mission: 

ISO 27001 certification made easy

Our Vision: 

To be the best ISO 27001 company on the planet

Our Values: 

We’re proud to be disruptive- We don’t follow the crowd. We do things differently to make our process easy and affordable.

We do what’s right- Our clients choose us because we’re honest, we act with integrity, and we’re reliable. We’ve got you!

We aim to make every ISO 27001 certification journey fun- We work hard to make a dull subject enjoyable and accessible to everyone. Happy days!

Ready to work with the best ISO 27001 duo in the universe?

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Fay and Stuart High Table
ISO 27001 Lead Implementor
ISO 27001 Lead Auditor