I’m Stuart Barker: Information security specialist, founder of High Table, and ISO27001 Ninja. This is a personal shoutout to small businesses or budding consultants in the information security space who want to implement ISO27001 and get their certification, but are put off by the time it takes and the amount it costs. 

This will be a game changer for you.

Want to get ISO27001 certified quickly and affordably? Read on.


This article isn’t about blowing smoke up my own a*se for being one of the most qualified ISO27001 experts in the industry (even though that’s bang on). It’s about sharing over 25 years of valuable knowledge and experience with small businesses like yours, to make ISO27001 accessible.

I’ve been in your shoes. I want to bust the ISO27001 myths, expose the industry secrets, and help you get to where you want to be. Think of it as ISO27001 advice, on the house.

ISO27001 truth bombs

  1. Hiring a consultant or an online ISMS platform to get you certified will cost you a fortune.
  2. Trying to fumble through the certification process yourself, without any guidance will take you months, or even years.

ISO27001 Certification Made Easy

I’ve created a DIY ISO27001 Toolkit that will get you certified 10x faster and 30x cheaper. I know what you’re thinking, “but you just said trying to tackle the certification process yourself will take forever!”. 

Not if you take the High Table certification route. By following this toolkit, you won’t be going it alone, and you’ll have access to all the expert advice you could possibly need. And, it’s that good, I’ll guarantee your certification – or you can have your money back.



What is ISO27001?

If you’ve been searching Google for an easier, cheaper way to get accredited, then you’re likely to know what ISO27001 is. But, just to clarify, it’s the leading international standard for information security. Simply, it’s a set of guidelines and best practices required to create, maintain, and continually develop an effective information security management system (ISMS).

An ISMS is a structure of policies, procedures and controls designed to monitor and protect your organisation’s sensitive information via effective risk management.

An ISMS guarantees the confidentialityintegrity, and availability of information by identifying and mitigating security risks within organisations.

What is ISO27001 certification?

ISO27001 certification is an independent verification that confirms that your organisation’s management system meets the standard.

An accredited body conducts an audit of your company’s ISMS. Here, they ensure that the correct risk assessments, policies and controls are being implemented and continually developed. If all requirements are met and are in compliance with the international standard, your certificate is issued, and a whole new level of potential is unlocked.

Do you need ISO27001 certification?

Does your organisation handle personal information, financial data or intellectual property? Then hell YES you do! Especially if you want to impress your existing and potential clients by showing them that you mean business when it comes to information security.

Does ISO27001 certification only apply to big businesses?

The size of your organisation does not matter when it comes to getting certified. You could be a one-man-band trying to win a significant client, or a small start-up desperate to bid for a lucrative tender, whatever your situation – clients and stakeholders need assurance that their information is safe.

Most organisations expect suppliers to be certified these days, so, if you’re not, it could be game over for your business. Certification is your information security badge of honour. Without it, you’re missing the opportunity to showcase your commitment to protecting your clients’ information, and you could find yourself missing out on business altogether.

What are the benefits of ISO27001 certification?

Getting certified doesn’t just benefit your customers, it’s a no-brainer decision for your business, too. Here’s why:

  • It can help you win bigger, meatier clients – who doesn’t want that?
  • It can help you hold onto existing business
  • Many of the ISO27001 conditions also satisfy GDPR and data protection requirements, which will show regulatory bodies you mean business when it comes to risk management
  • ISO27001 accreditation will help you build and maintain a sound reputation
  • Data breeches are expensive – ISO27001 will keep you on the right side of the law
  • Implementing IS0 27001 will help you streamline your processes

Can you really DIY your ISO27001 certification?

Yes. You. Can.

Some money-grabbing consultants and ISMS portals would have you believing otherwise, but it’s perfectly possible to do it yourself. 

The hard way to DIY your certificate

To achieve accreditation, there’s a strict process to follow. You’ll need to demonstrate to the auditors that your ISMS is in great shape and fully complies with the standard.

Be prepared to document EVERYTHING!

Ready to put in some serious effort? 

  1. Identify the information assets that need protection and the processes that need to be included in the Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  2. Identify the risks to the information assets and evaluate their impact. This helps to prioritise which risks to address first and what controls to implement.
  3. Once the controls have been identified, your organisation needs to implement them.
  4. Conduct internal audits to make sure that your ISMS is operating properly and meets the standard.
  5. Conduct a management review of the ISMS to make sure it’s meeting your organisation’s goals and objectives.
  6. An external certification body will perform an audit to determine whether your ISMS meets the ISO27001 standard. If it does, certificate granted. Done and dusted.

The easy way to DIY your certificate

Download the High Table ISO 27001 Toolkit that I created with your business in mind. I’ve done the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to. I’m good like that.



What is an ISO27001 Document Toolkit?

An ISO27001 toolkit is a collection of resources and templates that help businesses implement and manage an information security management system (ISMS) in line with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. It contains documents, policies, procedures, and checklists that can be customised to fit individual business needs. The toolkit aims to simplify the process of meeting requirements and achieving compliance.

Why choose the High Table Toolkit?

Here’s why you should use this toolkit to nail your accreditation:

  • We guarantee your certification.
  • We won’t overcharge you or drag the process out like some ISMS platforms and consultants.
  • We don’t charge subscription fees like online ISMS portals.
  • We’ll let you in on the secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know about.
  • You won’t find a YouTube channel bursting with free ISO27001 guidance and helpful advice anywhere else.
  • You’re dealing with genuine people, not corporate robots! We’re honest, upfront and fun to work with.
  • Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we’re 100% UKAS ISO27001 certified. (It’d be slightly awkward if we weren’t.)

How can High Table guarantee your certification?

Because I’m the ISO27001 Ninja. So far, High Table have helped almost 4000 organisations get accredited. I’ve lived and breathed the process, I could recite the standard’s requirements in my sleep, and most of all, I’ve written an entire toolkit on how to successfully get your certificate. As the fastest-growing ISO27001 company globally – I must be doing something right!

What’s included with the High Table ISO27001 toolkit?

Designed for savvy businesses like yours, this time-and-money-saving ISO27001 Toolkit will:

  1. Save you months of stress trying to navigate accreditation without expert guidance.
  2. Stop you being duped into paying inflated fees to rip-off consultants or online ISMS platforms who will drag the process out to keep you spending.
  3. Shortcut you to accreditation.

What you’ll get from the High Table ISO27001 Toolkit

  • The tools to successfully DIY your certification 30x cheaper and 10x faster – genius indeed.
  • Every ISO27001 policy, template and document you’ll ever need.
  • Access to easy-to-digest step-by-step guides, video walkthroughs and implementation guides crafted by yours truly – this alone will change the way you think about ISO27001.
  • Fully-compliant versions of the standard (including the 2022 update).
  • A lifetime of updates, new ISO27001 templates and changes to the standards – now that’s what you call value!
  • Zero subscriptions and no annual fees – because we don’t charge for the sake of it.
  • Your time back! This toolkit will save you months of soul-destroying work. You are very welcome, my friend.

Comply with the ISO27001 standard without breaking the bank

When I see ISMS portals charging ongoing subscription fees, and dodgy consultants overcharging small businesses to get them certified, it doesn’t sit right with me. That’s why I designed a failsafe product at an affordable price. I’m here to give small businesses the tools and the opportunity to compete with the big dogs. With High Table, getting your hands on that life-changing certificate is completely achievable. And if you get a little lost along the way, I include a free strategy call with every toolkit sold.

Companies that have achieved certification with our toolkit

Don’t just take it from the horse’s mouth…

“High Table’s documents are well thought out, up to date and readable.”

John Gamble, CEO, UBind

“The High Table Toolkit for ISO27001 and support from Stuart Barker has been an essential part of our route to certification. It is really focused on the best and proven way of working. Highly recommended.” 

Peter Hayes, Sincura Group

“I want to endorse High Table and Stuart on the amazing work to get us ISO27001 certified. We are DIFF, an SAP consulting firm based out of the US and with the help of Stuart’s ISO27001 toolkit and his expert guidance were able to get ISO27001 painlessly and for much less than we expected in under 3 months. I highly recommend him and his company.”

Diego Dora, Diff LCC

Your ultimate guide to first-time ISO27001 success

Hopefully, I’ve given you an honest insight into how this toolkit can offer you a shortcut to success. I’ve designed it specifically to help small businesses and consultants to achieve accreditation, with minimal effort. 

If you want to save time and money, this is your ISO27001 solution.