About Us

Hi. I’m Stuart Barker: founder of High Table, ISO 27001 Ninja, disruptor and challenger of the status quo. Quite the introduction, I know.

You’re here because you need ISO 27001 certification, I’m here to show you how to do it yourself – quickly and easily. Boom! 

Expect no-nonsense and zero bullsh*t. 

Let me tell you how we transformed the ISO 27001 world…

Stuart and Fay High Table

This is Our Story

Throwing it back to 2018, I’d just sold my first information security business. After years of experience working at senior levels of IT governance, risk and compliance for GE and Santander, plus over a decade of consulting, I’d found my superpower. ISO 27001.

Drumroll please…

High Table: The ISO 27001 Company was born.

I saw a gap in the market. 

To give people like you the tools to get ISO 27001 certified without having to spend tens of thousands on consultant fees.

I wanted to change the ISO 27001 landscape…

So I created the Holy Grail: The ISO 27001 Toolkit. (If Carlsberg made ISO 27001 Toolkits, this would be it.) 

1 unrivalled toolkit

50 policies

30x cheaper

10x faster 

Job done.

But don’t just take my word for it

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Think of me as your ISO Coach. I provide invaluable knowledge, experience and education that will give you everything you need to get ISO 27001 certified. Let’s be honest. This is a dry subject. So, to make it easier to digest, I’ve created a series of step-by-step video guides for you. You’ll find a goldmine of free, invaluable ISO 27001 content right here on my YouTube channel

But why would anyone do that? Who gives away content for free when they could charge a fortune for it?

The ISO 27001 Ninja, that’s who!

We do things differently around here.

ISO 27001 done better

We’re not your typical ISO 27001 Consultants and we know we’re not for everyone. We make a boring industry more human. We’re the personality behind ISO 27001, and we’re here to help you get sh*t done.

That contract you can’t progress until you’re certified…

That client who won’t touch you until you’ve got it…

That tender that would change your life if you won it…


You don’t need to waste a ridiculous amount of time and money getting ISO 27001 certification. We’re empowering you to do it yourself.

Are you a consultant who wants to level-up, look good and make more money? We can teach you the inside tools, tips and tricks of ISO 27001, giving you that expert status your boss will dig.

Are you a start-up who can’t afford to pay silly money for an expensive consultant? You don’t need to. Our winning ISO 27001 Toolkit will change the game for you.

Why High Table?

They call us the consultant’s consultants. 

Here’s why you should choose us to get ISO 27001 certified:

  • We’ve got over 20 years’ experience, training and wisdom in this niche. We know our stuff and will help you nail your certification.
  • We won’t overcharge you or drag the process out like most consultants. We’ve been there and done that, and we’ve decided to break the mould in information security. We’re about getting you certified 30x cheaper and 10x faster.
  • We’ll let you in on the secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know about.
  • You won’t find a YouTube channel packed with free ISO 27001 guidance and advice anywhere else.
  • You’re dealing with genuine people, not corporate robots! We’re honest, upfront and fun to work with.
  • Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we’re 100% UKAS ISO 27001 certified. (It’d be a bit awkward if we weren’t.)

Ready to get ISO 27001 certified?

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