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High Table: The ISO 27001 Company – Our Story

Hello. I am Stuart Barker. Founder here at High Table: The ISO 27001 Company. I started High Table: The ISO 27001 Company as my second information security business after successfully starting, building, running and ultimately selling an in formation security consultancy business in 2018.

I have a career working at senior levels of governance, risk and compliance for both GE and Santander and then over a decade of consulting. The gap I saw in the market was a source of trusted tools to get the job done.

Each consultant will build their own tools, documents, policies and ISO 27001 toolkits with varying degrees of success. They rarely up date them, which is understandable, as they would rather work billable time.

Today over 80% of the ISO 27001 templates that we sell are to people that do what we do. Information Security Professionals.

The best thing about doing this job, is the amazing feedback and reviews that we get.

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No one has ever asked us for ISO 278001

If you are reading this then chances are you already know what ISO 27001 certification is. Showing that you meet the standard for information security. It’s what we do for a living, getting clients through the process so it made sense that we should get the certification ourselves. 

I have to be honest here and say in over 15 years of consulting no one has ever asked if we have it. Strange, right? 

To be fair we don’t touch any data, access any systems but you think it might come up. It hasn’t. 

That is not a reason not to get it and hold yourself accountable to the same standards as your clients.

We are ISO 27001 Certified

We know ISO 27001 comes at a cost. We get it. Your clients expect it of you. It has a commercial benefit. Shouldn’t you expect it of those that you are asking to help you get certified? I am not sure I would take driving lessons from someone that cannot drive and has never taken their test. We will be honest and say in over 2 decades we have never been asked if we are. I know right? You would expect that would be the first question that is asked. We answer it any ways. We are. We are UKAS ISO 27001 certified.

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Stuart Barker

About the Author

Stuart Barker

Stuart is an ISO 27001 Consultant and author of the ISO 27001 Templates Toolkit. Over 20 years he has helped hundreds of organisations with the ISO 27001 standard and getting them ISO 27001 certification with a 100% success rate.

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