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Updated: 16 July, 2024

Dear small business builder,

I get it.
Growing your small business is hard. Really hard.
And to top it off now someone wants you to get ISO 27001 certification.


The costs, the time, the effort.
All of which you could do without.
Should I buy an shiny online tool? Get a consultant in? Have a go at it myself?
And the costs, my god the costs.
Eye watering.
Ah, got it! We will go with a shiny on line tool.
Yep! That’s it.
A shiny online platform will solve our problems.
– ‘You want HOW MUCH?’

*shakes head in dismay

Look, most small businesses have a bad case of the shiny object syndrome, mixed with a scoop of fk all budget.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Stuart Barker, ISO 27001 Ninja, tech geek and YouTube extraordinaire. Some would even add smug tw*t – but that’d be coming from the rip-off consultants I’m putting out of business with this insane proposition.

Who is this joker? You’re thinking.

I’m Founder of High Table – the ISO 27001 company who do things differently.

I’ve been in your shoes.

I know you’ve got big plans for your business. I get it.

I also know that you don’t want to fork out tens of thousands in consulting fees to get your business ISO 27001 certified.

What if I told you I could guarantee your ISO 27001 certification 10x faster and 30x cheaper?

How else do you think I earned my badass Ninja status?!

I’ve got your attention, haven’t I?


First off, this is a BS-free zone. What you see is what you will get. I’ve got an immaculate reputation to maintain.

Given that you’re on this page, you’ve done your research.

You’ve come to realise how expensive and time-consuming the ISO 27001 certification process is, and you’ve come to suss out why High Table are the only ISO 27001 company you should trust.

Prepare for take-off…

This is why High Table are the ISO 27001 solution for you

We have developed a unique ISO 27001 certification system which gives businesses like yours the tools implement ISO 27001 yourself.

It’s the only piece of genius like it in the information security space.

This unrivalled system has changed the game for over 5,000 companies.

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Look, I could fill this page with hundreds of success stories just like these, but I’m not one to brag.

We are the fastest growing ISO 27001 company, globally and have worked with many international businesses, banks, gaming brands and charities – but our sweet spot is small businesses.

We are disruptors and we’re backing the underdogs.

Why shouldn’t certification feel attainable for small businesses like yours?

Why shouldn’t you get a stab at the bigger contracts?

Why shouldn’t you be in the running for life-changing tenders?

High Table have revolutionised the ISO 27001 game.

We are here to get you certified quickly AND affordably.

Every business is different. You are all at varying levels with different requirements – and that’s cool.

But know this: after one strategy session with the ISO 27001 Ninja, you will know exactly what you need, and how to get there.

Want a quick and simple route to certification?

ISO 27001 certification just got accessible for small businesses

The High Table Certainty system has shaken up the industry and we’re taking you with us.

This is your shortcut to success.

Saving small businesses time and money on getting ISO 27001 certified is what we do.

And we’re not in it for the money.

We built and sold an incredibly successful information security consultancy, so we don’t need to overcharge our customers.

For us, its about providing value, and making ISO 27001 achievable for small businesses and startups.


We come with the tools, techniques, experience and inside info to show you how to boss your certification – without it costing you a fortune.


Completed it, mate.

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Zero risk

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You’re our kind of people.

Ready to fk shit up?


You’re still here? Wow. You must be exhausted.

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