Got questions about ISO27001? Get them answered by the ISO Ninja, for FREE!

Where else can you access up to 40 hours per year of FREE, in-person ISO27001 consulting with the ISO27001 ninja?


At High Table, we’re shaking up the industry.

Get FREE ISO27001 consultancy and advice from the ISO guy.

Zero sign up costs.

Zero fees.

Zero bullsh!t.

Just straight-up ISO27001 advice, and all of your burning implementation and certification questions answered. 

Introducing: ISO27001 Clinic.

ISO27001 Consultancy for FREE? Is this for real?

It sure is, my friend.

ISO27001 Clinic, a breakdown:

  • You get one hour a week to jump on a video call with the ISO27001 Ninja to ask ANYTHING about ISO27001
  • You’ll be part of an exclusive group of up to 6 people
  • You drop in when you want
  • You ask what you want
  • As many times as you want
  • For free.

It’s unheard of, we know!

Sound like a bit of you? 

Better book your slot before they fly out!

What can ISO27001 Clinic do for my business?

As a business owner considering implementing ISO27001, you must have a thousand questions about the process. Am I right? By coming along to an ISO27001 Clinic, I can give you the tools you need to boss your ISO27001 certification, and guide you through the process. No question is out of bounds. Hit me!

  • Want to know how to implement and manage an information security management system (ISMS) effectively?
  • Need advice on ISO27001 documentation?
  • Want to know how to meet the requirements of the the ISO27001 standard?
  • Want to know the difference between SOC 2 and ISO27001?
  • Want to know how to conduct a management review?
  • Want to know if you’ve got the right security controls in place?
  • Want advice on how to boost your security posture?
  • Want to know what to do how to protect your data?
  • Want to find out the best way to up your data security game?
  • Want to know how to guarantee your ISO27001 certification?
  • Struggling to get to grips with ISO27001 compliance?
  • Need advice on preparing for an ISO27001 audit?
  • Want to know inside ISO27001 information?
  • Want to find out how to identify and manage risks?
  • Want advice on whether your business needs ISO27001?
  • Wondering what’s the fastest, easiest way to get your ISO27001 certificate?
  • Want the lowdown on our ISO27001 Toolkit?
  • Want to know how you can get ISO27001 certified without having to put the work in? (This one’s worth its weight in gold!)

Whatever it is you’re desperate to swat up on, bring yourself, and your ISO27001-based questions to an ISO27001 Clinict session, and I’ll consult my expert-ninja knowledge to point you in the right direction. 

Why are we offering FREE ISO27001 advice?

If you don’t know me already, I’m Stuart Barker: information security expert, founder of High Table, and ISO27001 Ninja. 

High Table is fastest growing ISO27001 company, globally, and we’re disrupting the market.

We want to make ISO27001 accessible to people just like you, helping you achieve ISO27001 certification up to 10x Faster and 30x cheaper

I successfully built my previous cyber security business from the ground up and sold it, and now, I no longer need to hustle to make a living. Instead, I’m transforming the information security space to make it a better, fairer place. It’s about time someone did, right?

I’m going to let you in on the ISO27001 secrets that the industry don’t want you to know, as well as giving you FREE access to my 25 years+ of information security experience. I’m a great guy, I know!

I’m also a bit of an ISO27001 YouTube sensation, so my mum tells me. I’ve created a channel brimming with ISO27001 walkthrough videos and how to guides, to help businesses like yours, for FREE

I’ve also written countless FREE articles surrounding ISO27001: from ISO27001: Explained Simply to ISO27001 Certification: An Ultimate Guide To Success, you’ll find everything you need to help you make sense of a dull but important process. They say the best things in life are free, don’t they? (OK, maybe not all of them, but I’ve been pretty generous so far!)

The unrivalled High Table ISO27001 toolkit, used by industry professionals around the globe, isn’t free. But it’s the cheapest, fastest, easiest toolkit on the planet that guarantees your ISO27001 certification, and it’ll only cost you £497. I know, I must be out of my mind! 

Want to find out more about the ISO27001 toolkit or anything ISO27001? 

Book your place on an ISO27001 Clinic!

No-one else is offering a FREE ISO27001 tool as valuable as ISO27001 Clinic, but don’t just take my word for it!

What our customers say about FREE ISO27001 Consultancy

“After launching my start-up, implementing ISO27001 was next on the agenda but I kept putting it off because, honestly, it all felt like a bit of a slog. I found High Table in a Google search and thought I’d read it wrong when I saw they were offering free ISO27001 Clinic sessions on all things ISO27001. I was slightly dubious and thought there’d be some sort of catch, but it was all legit. Stuart, the founder is next level. He knows his ISO27001 and answered everything I could think to ask! You’d pay thousands for that kind of advice! I dipped in and out of a few of his sessions which helped me make sense of loads of stuff around the ISO27001 standard. I came away confident enough to DIY my ISO27001 certification by using their toolkit. I got my certificate way faster than I thought. Best thing I could’ve done signing up to ISO27001 Clinic. Would recommend to any business owner out there who needs help implementing ISO27001. It’s ended up saving my business months of time and hassle.” Sean Riley, Founder @ Shark Tech

Want some help making sense of ISO27001?

Spaces are limited.

ISO27001 ISO27001 Clinic: the details

If you want someone to do your ISO27001 certification for you, coach you through the process, or just talk strategy – this isn’t for you. Book a Free 30 Minute ISO27001 Strategy Call with me, instead.

But, if you have ISO27001 questions, have hit a roadblock, or just want general ISO27001 advice without the price-tag (no judgement here!), then ISO27001 Clinic is for you.

A few ISO27001 house rules

If you book, you show up

These slots go like hot cakes, so, booking one and not turning up isn’t cool, and means someone else misses the opportunity unnecessarily. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t block book

Play nice. You can book as many times as you like, but give others a chance by booking one at a time, or run the risk of having your slots cancelled. I don’t want to see you more than I see my wife.

Don’t record our session

This isn’t only fans. You don’t record the session. What goes on in the session, stays in the session. Capeesh?

Legal bits

These sessions are free of charge, so, be sure to comply with our terms and conditions on the website. You must accept that nothing that is said constitutes any guarantees, warranties and all of that good stuff. We are not liable if you make a mistake – you’re not paying us after all.

What ISO27001 Clinic is NOT

These sessions don’t constitute training, coaching or structured, engaged consulting. It’s a Q&A in a group setting that will answer your questions to the best of our ability, based on the knowledge we have about you. The answers may be generalist, but enough to move you forward.

Ready to have your ISO27001 questions answered?

See you on the other side.


All the slots are booked – what do I do?

Yes, that is possible. Who knew giving free ISO27001 consulting would be so popular? That said try to look to dates further in the future of book a Free 30 Minute ISO27001 Strategy Call with me and lets see if we can crack this nut a different way.

Do you offer a waitlist?

Yes, but you have to speak to me so I can see if it is worth while increasing the slots. This isn’t only fans. I am not out to get viewers. Book a Free 30 Minute ISO27001 Strategy Call with me or drop me an email to and lets see what we can do.

How much detail can you really go into?

As a rule the answers will be made generalist in nature as there are too many variables on an engagement and if we are not engaged I won’t know them. I can guess to a level to provide valuable insights though based on 25+ industry experience. You have the bonus of 5 other people on the call to who can share their lived experience.

You are going to send me marketing aren’t you?

Nope. I don’t have the energy or the need. I am not capturing your email for CRM as I genuinely could not care less. If I help you, I help you and if I don’t it you lost nothing.

Who is this for?

This is for people actively engaging with and going or wanting to go through ISO27001 certification.

Who is this not for?

Look, let’s face it, students and entry level people wanting to break into an industry. If you don’t have an active ISO 27001 engagement or looking to get ISO 27001 certification this isn’t really for you. I can train you. I can coach you. But this is not that. Book a Free 30 Minute ISO27001 Strategy Call with me or drop me an email to and lets see what we can do.


If you want something a little more personal then we should really talk….