ISO27001 Physical Asset Register Beginner’s Guide

ISO27001 Physical Asset Register Beginner's Guide

What a physical asset registers contains, how to write it and a downloadable template.

What is it?

You cannot control what you do not know so the asset register is the register of all things that store, transmit or process data. In addition you will need a data asset register. There are some key things to record about assets.

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We are going to want to record some basic information like serial numbers, asset owners. Then we want to look at what data the devices process, the classifications of the data, the criticality of devices and more.

We consider all devices including ones people often miss such as removable media, wireless access points, routers, switches.

The Asset Register forms part of the ISO 27001 document pack.

Download Templates

How to create and use Asset Register Tutorial

In this short tutorial we show you how.

Asset Register FAQ

What is an asset register used for?

An asset register is used to record the physical devices that store, process or transmit data through and organisation. It records key control information. We cannot protect what we do not know about so we record all our devices.

How does an information security asset register differ from an accounting asset register?

For information security asset registers we are only interested in assets that process, store or transmit data. An accounting asset register is a register of all assets and by example would include screens, chairs, desks, computer mice.

What does an asset register contain?

A list of assets that process, store or transmit data as well as control information such as – who owns the asset, what it does, what data it processes, what classification it is, what criticality it is, physical characteristics, the date it was last reviewed and by who, the status of encryption and anti virus.

Where can I download an asset register template?

An asset register template can be downloaded here:

What is the best format for an Asset Register?

In our experience a spreadsheet works best, so an Asset Register xls

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