The Ultimate ISO 27001 Toolkit

The Fastest Selling ISO 27001 Toolkit of All Time

Fast, Simple, and Highly Customisable ISO 27001 Toolkit

ISO 27001 Toolkit

over 4,000 have taken this exact approach globally with my templates, free youTubes, free hour a week and my unique ISO 27001 coached approach. Not one of them has failed yet. 🙂

ISO 27001 Starter Pack: Policies Only

ISO 27001 Toolkit: Business Edition

ISO 27001 Toolkit: Consulant Edition

ISO 27001 Policy Toolkit

You are a business or consultant that just wants the prewritten and ready to go ISO27001 Policies.

ISO 27001 Toolkit Business Edition

You are a business going for your ISO27001 certification. A single business use license gives you everything you need to do it yourself.

ISO 27001 Toolkit Consultant Edition

You are a consultant helping your clients get ISO27001 certified and you want the tools to do the job. Use on all your clients at no extra cost or fees. We take care of the tools, you take of your clients.


Pre Built Templates

Reduce your build time using perfect ready to use ISO 27001 templates.

Super Fast

Build and ISO 27001 Certification ready in a week.

Made for Small Business

The ISO 27001 Toolkit is the most light weight small business focussed toolkit on the market.



Designed to build your ISMS in a day and get you ISO 27001 certification ready in a week.


No consultants fees. No platform license frees. No training. No ongoing fees.


All the documents your clients are screaming out for you to have available to send to them in minutes.

ISO 27001 Toolkit Business Edition 2022

Videos and easy to follow guides step you through the build effortlessly.


With a half an hour 1-to-1 and access to over 40 hours a year in person support with the ISO 27001 ninja – for free.


Keep paces with changes to the standard and get all new templates without spending another penny.

The ISO 27001 Toolkit for Every Small Business, Tech Startup and Consultant – Everywhere

Are you a small business or startup who needs to be ISO 27001 certified and wants to save time and money by doing it yourself?

Are you a consultant who wants to (secretly) level-up, impress their boss, and become an ISO maestro?

If you answered yes to either one of those questions, this is the toolkit for you.

Let the ISO27001 Ninja tell you himself, in 40 seconds, what you can expect from The Ultimate ISO 27001 Toolkit.

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What’s Included

Perfectly Crafted, Simple, ISO 27001 Templates

All the support you will ever need

1 to 1

A free half hour 1-to-1 ISO 27001 strategy call with the ISO 27001


YouTube video channel, detailed clause-by-clause and control-by-control implementation guides.

Weekly Q&A Call

Up to 40 hours a year support in the weekly video Q&A Call

Forget About Expensive Consultants or Faceless ISMS Platforms

I created this incredible ISO 27001 Toolkit with you in mind. I know you’re busy and I know you’re looking for a cost-effective solution. I can help you get certified 10x faster and 30x cheaper. Music to your ears?

I’ll be completely honest with you – this is going to change your life.

Why is the High Table ISO 27001 Toolkit so cheap?


If you’ve made it down this far without snapping my ISO 27001 Toolkit hand off, let me tell you a little more about why I’m offering you all of this at such a low price…

Full disclosure. I’ve been one of those consultants charging an arm and a leg for a process that could have been done faster and cheaper. (Hey, it was my job!)

But one day, I made a different choice.

Friends thought I was mad, colleagues thought I’d lost the plot. (Like I’ve ever given a fiddler’s what people think!)

I wanted to make ISO 27001 accessible to everyone. So, I broke the mould.

I decided to empower people like you to DIY your ISO 27001 certification, simply by following my toolkit.

So far, this ISO 27001 toolkit has been deployed by over 900 companies, globally, saving them up to £9.1 MILLION in consultant fees! (An insane amount, I know!)

Yes, it’s cheaper than anything else out there – but for me – it’s more about value.

You won’t find any other ISO 27001 company giving you as much value for money as High Table:

Offensively affordable ISO 27001 toolkit ✔️

Free step-by-step ISO 27001 YouTube guides ✔️

Access to hundreds of useful ISO 27001 articles ✔️

free 30 minute strategy chat (worth £1000) with the biggest (and most clued-up) ISO 27001 geek on the planet ✔️✔️✔️

Are you ready to join the 4,000+ companies who got certified faster than you can say ISO Ninja? Let’s go!