ISO 27001 Audit Plan Template


Save over 4 hours of work with the pre written, pre-populated ISO 27001 Audit Plan Template. Get up and running with instant access to the digital download and deploy in less than 15 minutes.

The audit plan is used to plan internal and external audits for the year. It is a record of the plan and of completion. It is used to manage resources, communicate the plan and record that audits happened. A simple yet effective template to help manage your audit plan for the year.

Updated to include ISO 27002:2022 audit planning.

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    Audit Plan Template Contents

    The audit plan is a simple, yet effective, Microsoft Excel Template. It doesn’t have to be complicated to get the job done. Pre populated to ISO 27001 it takes seconds to adapt it cover audits of other controls, standards and areas.

    • Audit Area
    • A calendar of the year
    • A flag to show if planned or completed

    The Audit Plan has appropriate ISO 27001 required document mark up for classification, version control, document owner and last reviewed.

    It includes audit planning for both ISO 27002: 2013 and ISO 27002: 2022 and it forms part of the ISO 27001 Templates Toolkit.

    Audit Plan ISO 27002 2013

    Plan the ISO 27002: 2013 Edition Audit

    Audit Plan ISO 27002 2022

    Plan the ISO 27002: 2022 Edition Audit

    The ISO 27001 Audit Plan Template is required by the ISO 27001 standard and is a mandatory ISO 27001 document for ISO 27001 certification. Save over 4 hours of work creating it yourself with the peace of mind it is what good looks like and will meet the ISO 27001 requirements.

    Meets the requirement of ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 Internal Audit 

    The organisation shall conduct internal audits at planned intervals to provide information on whether the information security management system:

    • ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 a) conforms to 1) the organisation’s own requirements for its information security management system; and 2) the requirements of this International Standard;
    • ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 b) is effectively implemented and maintained. The organisation shall:
    • ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 c) plan, establish, implement and maintain an audit programme(s), including the frequency, methods, responsibilities, planning requirements and reporting. The audit programme(s) shall take into consideration the importance of the processes concerned and the results of previous audits;
    • ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 d) define the audit criteria and scope for each audit;
    • ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 e) select auditors and conduct audits that ensure objectivity and the impartiality of the audit process;
    • ISO 27001 Clause 9.2 f ) ensure that the results of the audits are reported to relevant management; and g) retain documented information as evidence of the audit programme(s) and the audit results.

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    What format is the Audit Plan in?

    Answer: The Audit Plan is in Microsoft Excel format

    How quickly will I get the documents?

    Answer: The documents are available for immediate download once payment has been received.

    Exactly how secure are your payments?

    Answer: Payments are handled entirely through Stripe. They are very secure. We do not handle the payment transaction.

    But are you ISO 27001 certified? Practice what you preach?

    Answer: Yes. We are UKAS ISO 27001 certified. Our certificate is on the website. We are also Cyber Essentials certified.

    Who are you? How do I know these are any good?

    Answer: Stuart Barker has been in governance risk and compliance for over 20 years. He has worked for some of the worlds largest organisations, and some of the smallest. He built and sold a cyber security consultancy and actively consults on ISO 27001 today. You can check out / stalk or connect with Stuart here

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