ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit: 2022 Edition

$ 197.00

The High Table ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit: 2022 Edition

Looking for a Gap Analysis and Audit shortcut to get you ISO 27001 certification ready?

Whether you’re a complete novice, or a savvy business owner who wants an easy life – this is where it’s at.

This ISO 27001 toolkit will bless you with everything you need to conduct a gap analysis of where you measure against the standard, as well as a foolproof guide on how to conduct an internal audit – without having to donate a kidney to pay for a consultant.

This toolkit will show you how to perform effortless audits of:

  • ISO 27001: 2022 The latest International Standard for Information Security
  • ISO 27002: 2022 The latest ISO 27001 control list
  • ISO 27001: 2013/2017 The original International Standard for Information Security
  • ISO 27002: 2013 The original ISO 27001 control list

All for just £197 (No, we didn’t miss a couple of digits.)

Why so cheap? Because we want to make ISO 27001 certification accessible to everyone.

You’d be stark raving mad not to grab this insane offer from the fastest growing ISO 27001 company, globally.

I’m Stuart Barker: the ISO 27001 Ninja. I will make your life easier. Guaranteed.

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    Having successfully bossed hundreds of ISO 27001 gap analyses and audits, it made sense to write this genius tookit to enable you to them yourself. I know, I’m a cracking guy.

    But, if you do need a hand, take advantage of your FREE hour with me, and I’ll guide you through the process faster than you can say GET ME CERTIFIED.


    A fully-compliant ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit

    The tools to successfully audit against and prepare your organisation for the latest version of the ISO 27001 standard and the updated ISO 27002:2022 control set

    A user-friendly experience – so you can crack on with getting ISO 27001 certified

    An easy to digest step-by-step guide and video walkthrough

    Months of your precious time back!

    Free training with the ISO 27001 Ninja if you get a bit lost along the way

    Ready to save months of your time and accelerate your ISO 27001 Certification with the Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit?


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    At High Table, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

    ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit Contents

    The ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit includes everything you need to conduct ISO 27001 audits and ISO 27001 Gap Analysis.

    • Easy to follow step by step guide – How to Conduct an Internal Audit
    • Management Audit Report
    • Audit Meeting Template
    • Audit 12 Month Planner 
    • The ISO 27001:2022 ISMS – audit work sheet
    • The ISO 27001:2013 ISMS – audit work sheet
    • The ISO 27002:2022 Annex A Controls  – audit work sheet
    • The ISO 27002:2013 Annex A Controls  – audit work sheet

    Conduct Audits Like The Professionals

    Using the audit plan to plan and record the audits for the next 12 months.

    Following the step by step, easy to follow guide to complete and perform the audits.

    With the working papers, covering both the Information Security Management System and ISO 27002 Annex A controls, recording the results of the audit.

    Minuting and keeping records of audits with the Audit Meeting Minutes.

    Reporting to Management and Stakeholders with the simple yet effective Audit Management Report.

    Automatic Compliance Dashboards

    ISO 27001 Audit Dashboard

    Easily Plan Audits

    ISO27001 Audit Plan Example 2

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