ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit: 2022 Edition

The ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit will provide you with everything you need to conduct a gap analysis of where you are against the standard and to conduct internal audits without the expense of using consultants. 

You will be able to audit against, and prepare your organisation for the latest version of the ISO 27001 standard and the updated ISO 27002:2022 control set.

Simple and effortless audits of: 

  • ISO 27001: 2013/2017 The International Standard for Information Security
  • ISO 27002: 2022 The latest most up to date ISO 27001 control list 
  • ISO 27002: 2013 The original ISO 27001 control list


  • ISO27001 2013 | 2017 | 2022
  • ISO27002 2013 | 2017 | 2022
  • Immediate Digital Download


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    ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit

    I am Stuart Barker and I have been in information security and audit for over 20 years. I have conducted hundreds of audits globally and these are the tools I use. I built it to be easy to understand, fast to deploy and easy to customise. I included a simple to follow step by step guide to performing internal audits so even the novice can pick it up.

    With our ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit, you won’t need to hire expensive consultants to conduct an ISO 27001 Gap Analysis or to perform internal audits. You can start using them today without any additional training or consulting costs. But if you do need a little help, take a free hour with us to show you how to do it and answer questions.

    This ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit will save you weeks of research and writing time.

    Updated to include ISO 27002:2022 and part of the ISO 27001 Templates Toolkit.

    ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit Contents

    The ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit includes everything you need to conduct ISO 27001 audits and ISO 27001 Gap Analysis.

    • Easy to follow step by step guide – How to Conduct an Internal Audit
    • The ISO 27001 ISMS 114 Controls – audit work sheet
    • The ISO 27002:2013 Annex A  – audit work sheet
    • The ISO 27002:2022 Annex A  – audit work sheet
    • Management Audit Report
    • Audit Meeting Template
    • Audit 12 Month Planner 

    The ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit has appropriate ISO 27001 required document mark up for classification, version control, document owner and last reviewed. It forms part of the ISO 27001 Templates Toolkit. 

    Automatic Compliance Dashboards

    ISO27001 Audit Compliance Dashboard


    Audit ISO27001 The Information Security Management System

    ISO27001 Audit ISMS

    Audit ISO27001 Annex A 2013 / ISO27002:2013

    ISO27001 Audit 2013 Annex A

    Audit ISO27001 Annex A 2022 / ISO27002:2022 – the new standard

    ISO27001 Audit 2022 Annex A

    Easily Plan Your Audits

    Plan the ISO 27002: 2013 Edition Audit

    Plan the ISO 27002: 2022 Edition Audit

    Create amazing ISO 27001 Audit Management Reports

    ISO27001 Audit Report Sample 1
    ISO27001 Audit Report Sample 2
    ISO27001 Audit Report Sample 3
    ISO27001 Audit Report Sample 4

    Minute and Record Your ISO 27001 Audit Meetings

    ISO27001 Audit Meeting Sample 1
    ISO27001 Audit Meeting Sample 2
    ISO27001 Audit Meeting Sample 3

    What People Are Saying – High Praise Indeed

    5 Star Google Reviews


    • ”Easy to understand”
    • ”Saved me time”
    • ”Saved me loads of time”
    • ”Saved me a lot of time”
    • ”Quick and easy ”
    • ”Straight forward ”
    • ”No nonsense approach ”
    • ”Honest approach ”
    • ”Easy to follow”
    • “Bloody awesome!”
    • “It is absolutely evident that you really do know your onions and have been there, seen it and done it and the quality of the outputs and what you have put together is amazing.”
    • “I like the no BS and no padding out approach “

    Conduct Audits Like The Professionals

    Using the audit plan to plan and record the audits for the next 12 months.

    Following the step by step, easy to follow guide to complete and perform the audits.

    With the working papers, covering both the Information Security Management System and ISO 27002 Annex A controls, recording the results of the audit.

    Minuting and keeping records of audits with the Audit Meeting Minutes.

    Reporting to Management and Stakeholders with the simple yet effective Audit Management Report.

    ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Audit Toolkit Walkthrough

    Meet the team behind the templates

    Practitioners for over 20 years in Governance, Risk and Compliance. These are the tools we use day in day out.

    High Table Team - ISO 27001 Audit Toolkit

    Audit Report Template Contents

    The audit report template consists of 4 key documents being

    • Easy to follow step by step guide – How to Conduct an Internal Audit
    • The ISO 27001 ISMS 114 Controls – audit work sheet
    • The ISO 27001 Annex A 114 Controls – audit work sheet
    • Management Audit Report
    • Audit Meeting Template
    • Audit 12 Month Planner
    • BONUS: an internal audit working report with ISO 27001 already pre mapped

    The mapped version of the Detailed Audit Working Papers is incredibly powerful in saving time and money as it is pre-populated and pre-mapped to the ISMS document pack.

    What format are the worksheets in?

    Answer: The worksheets are provided in Microsoft Excel format. The executive report is in Microsoft Word format.

    How quickly will I get the documents?

    Answer: The documents are available for immediate download once payment has been received.

    What does ISO 27001 have to say about Internal Audit?

    Answer: In ISO 27001 9.2 the controls set out are that as an organisation you will conduct internal audits and planned intervals to check that your information security management system is meeting your requirements on the Information Security Management System the requirements of The ISO 27001 Standard It wants you to check that it is implemented and that it is maintained and being operated. Evidence of the audits and ensuring that audits are reported to management are easily covered with this audit pack.

    Can I download a sample to see what I am getting?

    Answer: Yes, you can download a sample of the working papers Excel document by selecting download sample in the menu.

    How secure are your payments?

    Answer: Payments are handled entirely through Stripe. They are very secure. We do not handle the payment transaction.

    But are you ISO 27001 certified? Practice what you preach?

    Answer: Yes. We are UKAS ISO 27001 certified. Our certificate is on the website. We are also Cyber Essentials certified.

    Who are you? How do I know these are any good?

    Answer: Stuart Barker has been in governance risk and compliance for over 20 years. He has worked for some of the worlds largest organisations, and some of the smallest. He built and sold a cyber security consultancy and actively consults on ISO 27001 today. You can check out / stalk or connect with Stuart here

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