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The Ultimate ISO27001:2022 AI Security Policy Template

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    Sample AI Security Policy


    AI Security is not technically part of the ISO27001:2022 standard but it is an emerging technology and therefore an emerging threat and therefore should be considered as part of any ISO27001 Implementation or ISO27001 Certification or as part of Information Security Best Practice.

    ISO27001:2022 Annex A 5.7 Threat Intelligence

    ISO 27001 Annex A 5.7 Threat Intelligence is about collecting threat intelligence data and mitigating that threat. AI is one such threat and an emerging threat and one that we see raised as part of the ISO27001 Certification process by auditors.


    The usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology shall be managed and controlled.


    To identify, manage and reduce the threats posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in a controlled way that allows the business the benefits of this emerging new technology.


    What format is the AI Security Policy Template in?

    The AI Security Policy Template is in Microsoft Word format.

    Does the AI Security Policy Template meet the requirements of ISO27001:2022?

    Yes. It fully meets the 2022 updated requirements to the ISO27001 standard.

    How complete is the AI Security Policy Template?

    It is over 90% complete. It just requires a fast rebrand, checking and some minor additions that are clearly sign posted and marked.

    How quickly will I get the AI Security Policy Template?

    It is available as an immediate download once payment has been received.

    Will I need to hire consultants to use the AI Security Policy Template?

    No. The AI Security Policy Template is designed to be easy to implement and easy to configure. It comes with an easy to follow step by step guide. You are provided with a free hour of training if you need it.

    What ISO27001 Clause does the AI Security Policy Meet?

    It is not a specific requirement of the ISO27001 standard in that it is not explicitly referenced but it is an emerging threat that has come up on audits and is part of best practice information security management and as such it would fall under: ISO 27001 Annex A 5.7 Threat Intelligence

    What support do you offer?

    We offer a free 30 minutes, 1 to 1 consultation as well as a free weekly ISO27001 Q and A call and the unique ability to purchase consulting by the hour.

    Is the AI Security Policy Template the only policy template I need?

    It depends on what you are trying to achieve. It works as a stand alone policy but is designed to be part of a pack of information security policies that meet the needs of your business. The Ultimate ISO27001 Toolkit is everything you need for ISO27001 Certification.

    Why is this policy sold separately? Why is there a pack? Are you just trying to make money?

    The policy is sold stand alone as it serves a specific purpose and often people just want this one policy. When you deploy information security policies into your organisation you may not need all of the policies so we make them available individually. The benefits of having individual policies are: 1. They can be shared only with the people that need the information 2. They can be allocated an owner to update them 3. You can deploy only the policies you need. In addition the 2022 update to the ISO 27001 standard explicitly calls out having a headline policy and subordinate policies.

    How long will it take me to implement AI Security Policy Template?

    We estimate that on average it will take you less than 1 hour. The templates require information that you know so there is nothing complicated.

    What are the benefits of using the AI Security Policy Template?

    The benefits of using the AI Security Policy Template are:
    Save time: the template is already fully populated and ready to go
    Meet the requirements of the standard: the template is mapped directly to the requirements of the ISO27001:2022 standard
    Save money: you will not have to pay consultants to research and write the policy for you

    Who should use the AI Security Policy Template?

    Anyone that wants to save time and money and have a pre populated AI Security Policy document that fully meets the requirements of the ISO27001 standard and is ready to go.

    How do I use the AI Security Policy Template?

    The AI Security Policy Template is all ready written so you change the logo, brand it, add how you are using AI and you are ready to go. You can customise it based on your own requirements and needs.

    How secure are the payments?

    Payments are handled entirely through Stripe. They are very secure. We do not handle the payment transaction. We do not store, process or transmit your card holder data.

    Is there a portal version of the ISO 27001 Toolkit?

    No, we do not support portals. There are too many downsides to portals from ongoing costs, training, ambiguity on where the data is and how secure it is … the list is endless. The disadvantages far out way any benefits for what is a glorified document storage solution akin to One Drive or Dropbox. For small business and professionals we do not see any benefit in portals.

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