In this article we lay bare ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Resources. Exposing the insider trade secrets, giving you the templates that will save you hours of your life and showing you exactly what you need to do to satisfy it for ISO 27001 certification.

I show you exactly what changed in the ISO27001:2022 update.  

I am Stuart Barker the ISO27001 Ninja and this is ISO27001 Clause 7.1

What is ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Resource?

 The ISO 27001 standard requires an organisation to provide the resources needed to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the information security management system.

This clause is all about people.

The ISO 27001 standard for ISO 27001 certification wants you to have the right people available for running ISO 27001. It is one of the ISO 27001 controls.

What are the ISO27001:2022 Changes to Clause 7.1?

Great news. There are no changes to ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 in the 2022 update.

ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Definition

The ISO 27001 Standard defines clause 7.1 as:

The organisation shall determine and provide the resources needed for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the information security management system.

ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Resource

How To comply with ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 

There are distinct phases in the process of ISO 27001 certification.

Each of those phases potentially requires a different level of skill, knowledge and experience.

It is possible that this is one person but the likelihood is you are going to get specialist help for the establishment and implementation phase.

It can make sense to reduce the reliance on that specialist help when it comes to maintenance and continual improvement. Only using that knowledge and expertise for training and sense checking.

Our guide would be

  • ISO 27001 Establishment: use specialist resource
  • ISO 27001 Implementation: use specialist resource
  • ISO 27001 Certification: use specialist resource in combination with your own staff
  • ISO 27001 Maintenance: use your own staff with training and sense checking by specialist resource
  • ISO 27001 Continual Improvement: use your own staff with training and sense checking by specialist resource

Of course you can do ALL of it with the ISO 27001 Toolkit which includes all of the resources, step by step guides and video walkthroughs you will need with the ability to by specialist help by the hour.

But this is not a post about selling.

Outside of the specifics of ISO 27001 resources there is an expectation that your business will have appropriate departmental expertise. What do we mean by that? Well, for example, you will have a HR function with appropriate HR controls.

Time needed: 1 day

How to comply with ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Resource

  1. Engage with trained ISO 27001 resources

    Whether you look to engage a professional such as a High Table ISO 27001 Consultant, hire someone full-time or train up internal staff on ISO 27001 lead auditor or ISO 27001 lead implementor courses you need to engage with trained and experienced resource for your ISO 27001 certification.

  2. Complete an accountability matrix

    For each of the ISO 27001 clauses AND the ISO 27001 Annex A / ISO 27002 clauses you need to allocate and record who is responsible for that clause and control.

  3. Complete a competency matrix

    For each person involved in the operation of the Information Security Management System be sure to record them in them in the competency matrix. The competency matrix allows you to identify and demonstrate that you have the required competencies to run the information security management system. It also identifies gaps that you can plan to address.

  4. Implement training and awareness

    Implement and effective process of training and awareness that directly meets the needs of the organisation and the risk the organisation faces.

ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Implementation Guide 

If you are looking at gaining the skills and experience in house you have the option to consider ISO 27001 training. There are many reputable ISO 27001 lead auditor training, ISO 27001 lead implementor training and associated courses to choose from. It is our experience that these can provide excellent book knowledge to the standard but are very light on how to implement it in the real world, don’t come with templates and don’t provide specific, tailored advice and templates. If you want training then of course, consider the book training but also companies like High Table provide low cost, structured, 1 to 1 real world implementation training that runs alongside your actual implementation and trains your team.

There is a wealth of training and guidance provided as part of the ISO 27001 Toolkit for free. There are also free resources on the Internet such as this excellent YouTube Channel dedicated to ISO 27001 and showing you how to do it yourself.

If we were going to start anywhere we would start with this Essential Step By Step Guide to Implementing ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Templates

ISO 27001 templates are a great way to implement your information security management system. Whilst an ISO 27001 Toolkit can save you up to 30x in consulting fees and allow you to deliver up to 10x faster these individual templates help meet the specific requirements of ISO 27001 clause 7.1

ISO27001 Competency Matrix Template
ISO27001 ISMS Rasci Matrix Template
ISO27001 Training and Awareness Policy-Black

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ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 FAQ

What is ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 Resources ?

The ISO 27001 standard requires an organisation to provide the resources needed to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the information security management system

Where can I download ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 templates?

You can download ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 templates in the ISO 27001 Toolkit.

ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 example?

An example of ISO 27001 Clause 7.1 can be found in the ISO 27001 Toolkit.

Can I use external resource for ISO 27001 Clause 7.1?

Yes. Many companies seek the help of qualified, experienced third party suppliers to help with ISO 27001

Can I train my staff to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 Clause 7.1?

Yes, there are many reputable training courses for ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and ISO 27001 Lead Implementor.

How do I evidence I meet the requirement of ISO 27001 Clause 7.1?

The best way is to record the skills of your resources in a Competency Matrix.


ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management