Stuart Barker

Stuart Barker

The ISO 27001 Ninja

Well, Hello there.

I am Stuart Barker the ISO 27001 Ninja.

You can connect with me on Linked In, stalk me, check me out and join my network.

I am an information security practitioner of over 20 years. I hold a Software Engineering degree and started my career in software development. In 2010 I started my first cyber security consulting business that I sold in 2018. I worked for over a decade for GE, leading a data governance team across Europe and since then have gone on to deliver hundreds of client engagements and audits.

I regularly mentor and train professionals on information security and run a successful ISO 27001 YouTube channel where I show people how they can do it themselves. I am passionate that knowledge should not be hoarded and brought to market the first of its kind online ISO 27001 store for all the tools and templates people need when they want to do it themselves.

In my personal life I am active and a hobbyist kickboxer.

My specialisms are ISO 27001 and SOC 2 and my niche is start up and early stage business.

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ISO 27001 Toolkit

I am also author of the ISO 27001 Toolkit that has helped thousands of businesses globally to DIY their ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Toolkit Business Edition
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ISO 27001 Lead Implementor
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