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The scope document featuring example ISO 27001 Scope Statement. Easily track and record the scope of the ISMS and meet the requirements of ISO 27001 and the GDPR.

Built by professional practitioners over 20 years, these are not just boiler plate, these are working documents, established, proven and praised by UKAS Certification auditors as amongst the best they have seen.

  • A complete scope document including example Scope Statement
  • Save over 4 hours creating yourself
  • Easily customisable to your unique requirements
  • Simple to brand
  • Fully compliant document mark up and classification
  • Microsoft Word format for ease of use, deployment and configuration. No additional tools or portals needed.
  • Access to a 20+ year, experienced practitioner to ask questions
  • Spend your valuable time billing clients and working on your business, not writing documents
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Scope Document Template

The scope document clearly articulates the scope of the Information Security Management System. It covers what is in scope and what is out of scope. It includes that ‘Scope Statement’ that is the statement of scope that will go on any eventual ISO 27001 certificate.

Scope Document Template Contents

Document Contents Page 3
Scope Statement 4
Products and Services 4
In Scope 4
Out Of Scope 4
Locations 5
In Scope 5
Out of Scope 5
Department / People 6
In scope 6
Out of Scope 6
Technology 7
Network 7

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