Risk Management Policy Template


The purpose of this policy is to set out the risk management policy for the company for information security. What is risk management, risk appetite, risk identification and assessment, risk register, risk reporting, risk review, risk treatment, risk evaluation are covered in this policy.

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Risk Management Policy Template


The purpose of this policy is to set out the risk management policy for the company for information security.


Risk and risk management as applied to information security and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company owned, processed, stored and transmitted information.
Risk Management Policy


Information security management for the company is based on appropriate and adequate risk and risk management.

What is risk Management

Risk can be defined as the threat or possibility that an action or event will adversely or beneficially affect an organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives.
Risk management can be defined as the systematic application of principles and approach, and a process by which the company identifies and assesses the risks attached to its activities and then plans and implements risk responses.

Risk Management Policy Template Contents

Document Contents Page 3
Purpose 5
Scope 5
Risk Management Policy 5
Principle 5
What is risk Management 5
Risk Appetite 6
Low Risk Appetite 6
Moderate Risk Appetite 6
Risk Identification and Assessment 7
Risk Register 7
Risk Reporting 7
Risk Review 8
Risk Treatment 8
Risk Acceptance 8
Risk Mitigation 9
Risk Evaluation 9
Policy Compliance 10
Compliance Measurement 10
Exceptions 10
Non-Compliance 10
Continual Improvement 10

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