ISO 27001 Organisation Overview Template

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Record key information about your organisation to show the link between who you are and the information security management system you have built.

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    ISO27001 Organisation Overview Template

    Configure in Seconds | Deploy in 15 Mins.

    A note from the author

    Each information security management system is built specific to the organisation. There are key things about the organisation that will alter the way the information security management system is built. The first step is get consensus on who we are and our drivers and then to show the link to the information security management system that we have built.

    Who are You

    The purpose of the ISO 27001 Organisation Overview document is to collate all the information about your organisation that could and does inform and influence the information security management system. Having the information in a single location, agreed and document controlled will save a significant amount of time come the certification audit and provide additional benefits to the organisation in explaining to customer and client auditors the context of who we are.

    I am Stuart Barker the ISO27001 Ninja and this is the ISO27001 Organisation Overview Template

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