Data Protection Policy Template

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The ISO27001:2022 Data Protection Policy Template

  • ISO27001:2022 Update
  • Save hours of work
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to configure
  • An easy to digest step-by-step guide and video walkthrough
  • Training with the ISO 27001 Ninja, should you need it
  • GDPR Compliant

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    Sample Data Protection Policy

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    What is a data protection policy?

    A data protection policy is an internal document that serves as the core of an organisation’s data protection compliance practices. Taking the GDPR as the gold standard for data protection this policy can be used internationally as part of any data protection best practice. It is a statement of what you do when it comes to data protection.

    It explains the Data Protection requirements to employees, and states the organisation’s commitment to compliance.

    A data protection policy is important because it helps the organisation to protection personal information, comply with data protection laws and regulations, build trust and avoid fines and penalties.

    The key elements of the policy include a statement of the purpose of the policy and commitment to data protection. It includes a definition of personal data and a description of how it will be collected, stored and used and sets out the rights that individuals have over their own data. It also includes the process for reporting data breaches.

    The benefits of implementing the data protection policy include reducing the risk of data breaches, improved compliance with laws and regulations, increased customer confidence and competitive advantage.

    Why use a data protection template?

    The main reason that people use a data protection template is the time saved. It is easier to download and use an existing and proven template that to start to research, work out what you need to write, write it and publish it. These areas can be quite complex and the fees associated with data protection professionals can be very high. It isn't to say you don't need or shouldn't use a data protection professional but this can be a great, cost affective stop gap and in fact this template is downloaded and used by data protection professionals themselves on a daily basis. They download it to save time after reviewing the sample and seeing it is bang on the money.

    Data Protection Policy Template FAQs

    What format is the ISO27001 Data Protection Policy Template in?

    The ISO27001 Data Protection Policy Template is in Microsoft Word format

    Will I need to hire consultants to use ISO27001 Data Protection Policy Template?

    No. The ISO27001 Data Protection Policy Template is designed to be easy to implement and easy to configure. It comes with an easy to follow step by step guide. You are provided with a free hour of training if you need it.

    Is the ISO27001 Data Protection Policy Template the only policy template I need?

    It depends on what you are trying to achieve. It works as a stand alone template but is designed to be part of a pack of ISO27001 Templates Toolkit that meet the needs of your business. We sell the ISO 27001 Templates Toolkit at a significant discount.

    How long will it take me to implement the ISO27001 Data Protection Policy Template?

    We estimate that on average it will take you less about 60 seconds to configure it and 15 minutes to deploy it. The templates require information that you know so there is nothing complicated.

    How secure are the payments?

    Payments are handled entirely through Stripe. They are very secure. We do not handle the payment transaction. We do not store, process or transmit your card holder data.

    Is there an online ISMS version of the ISO27001 Data Protection Policy?

    No, we do not support online ISMS versions of the ISO27001 Data Protection Policy. There are too many downsides to online ISMS portals from ongoing costs, training, ambiguity, lack of flexibility and did we mention costs … the list is endless. The disadvantages far out way any benefits for what is a glorified document storage solution akin to One Drive or Dropbox. For small business and professionals we do not see any benefit in online ISMS portals.