ISO 27001 Certification Options

We specialise in small, start up and early stage business.

We specialise in start up and small business with a focus on keeping costs to a minimum and making the ISO 27001 certification process as smooth as possible. We haven’t had a client fail yet. Typically clients take one of the two following approaches:


from £3,500

Our low cost option for those, let’s face it, on a shoe string budget. You want to save money so you have work to do, but we can show you how and help you get certification ready.


from £6,000

A guaranteed accredited ISO 27001 Stage 1 pass. We are going to do a little more of the heavy lifting, be by your side hands on. This is the most popular option because if you follow our lead, we guarantee you will pass – or your money back.

We provide you the required tools, show you what needs to be done and track your progress in weekly 1 to 1 meetings.

Stuart Barker

The Team Taking Care Of Business

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Stuart Barker
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Fay Barker
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