Information Classification and Handling Policy f

Information Classification and Handling Policy

The ISO 27001 Information Classification and Handling policy is ensuring the correct classification and handling of information based on its classification. Information storage, backup, media, destruction and the information classifications are covered here. For each classification Information Guidance is provided, GDPR considerations, Information Examples, Document Marking, Information Controls and Destruction are covered.

Information Classification and Handling Policy
Information Classification and Handling Policy

Contents Extract

Document Version Control
Document Contents Page
Information Classification and Handling Policy
Information Storage
Confidential Information Storage
Control of Devices and Media Containing Information
Information Back Up
Information Destruction
Destruction of Hard copy paper records
Destruction of Electronic Information
Destruction of Electronic media / devices
Information Classification
Confidential Information
Confidential Information Guidance
Confidential Information and GDPR
Confidential Information Examples
Confidential Information Document Marking
Confidential Information Controls
Confidential Information Destruction
Internal Information
Internal Information Guidance
Internal Information and GDPR
Internal Information Examples
Internal Information Document Marking
Internal Information Controls
Internal Information Destruction
Public Information
Public Information Guidance
Public Information and GDPR
Public Information Examples
Public Information Document Marking
Public Information Controls
Public Information Destruction
Policy Compliance
Compliance Measurement
Continual Improvement

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