ISO 27001 Coached™

Mind. Blown.

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Let the ISO 27001 Ninja help you get ISO 27001 Certified by taking you through the revolutionary ISO 27001 Coached™.

This revolutionary 8 step program guarantees your ISO 27001 implementation. Whether you are a business or a fledgling ISO 27001 Consultant in our Instructor Led Live Class Workshops we show YOU exactly what to do.

With all the templates and tools you need you will cut through the crap, get ISO 27001 in weeks not months and save over £10,000 in Consulting Fees.


ISO 27001 Coached™ is for you if any of these apply:

  • You need to implement ISO 27001
  • You want to save over £10,000 in consulting fees
  • You are on a budget
  • You think you can do it yourself with a little help
  • You have done an ISO 27001 course but don’t know where to start
  • Your boss gave it to you to do and now you are thinking – oh shit
  • You are starting out as an ISO 27001 Consultant

We are exposing the secrets they do not want you to know and you’ll get ISO 27001 certified in no time saving you upto 90% of the cost of a traditional consultant.

How Does it Work?

In our online, live, instructor led, 8 step program you will learn from the ISO 27001 Ninja himself and fully implement a complete, tailored, ISO 27001 Management System.

We follow a rolling 8 step structured implementation program.

Each week you have 2 live class opportunities to cover a step.

You have 2 ‘open mat’ sessions where you can ask questions, get guidance, check your work, get help, advice and tips. Consulting if you will.

But don’t worry if you miss a step as it rolls around again and you have the full support of our video library.

  • You will sign up for a 6 month program during which you can attend and drop in anytime to our classed based, rolling, live instructor led ISO 27001 Coached 8 Step Program.
  • You will be able to record sessions to come back to
  • You will access our growing library of pre recorded tutorials and guides
  • You will be able to attend talks by related revenant professionals

But that is just the mechanics.

What should really give you wood is that you are going to do it faster than you thought possible saving over £10,000 in consulting fees and yes … it is all to an accredited certification standard.

It is a totally unique, proven and devistatingly efficeint system that is disrupting the market.

Here is the secret sauce and how it works.

Classed Based Coaching

By working in a class not only do you save money, you learn from others lived experience. Our sessions are a rolling program that you can join at any point. Each of the 8 steps are unique and self contained but you can take them in any order. Jump in. Jump out. Retake. Revisit. What is important is completing the beautiful whole of the program. Engage, ask questions, make it your own.

To find out more book a strategy call now. We can’t give all our secrets away on line. You never know who is watching …. 😉

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