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Make More Money As An ISO 27001 Consultant

I’ve been in your position, and had to learn the IS027001 certification process the hard way. So, I saw a gap in the market to accelerate consultants to ISO-Maestro level, in rapid time.

In the High Table ISO 27001 Toolkit: Consultant Edition, I’ll share all the industry secrets and tips that will help you get your clients certified 10x faster, freeing up your time to onboard more clients, ultimately making more spondoolies. Thank me later.

Erica Berg – Consultant at CyberSafe LLC and ISO 27001 Oracle 

Erica landed on our Consultant Toolkit page via Google and took a punt based on the success it promised. It completely transformed her life.


  • Information Security Consultant who felt like a charlatan when it came to ISO 27001. She knew she needed to upskill in this area, and fast.
  • Didn’t have the time/couldn’t afford to waste precious billable hours on creating her own policy documents.
  • Didn’t know the High Table ISO 27001 Toolkit: Consultant Edition existed.


  • By following the toolkit, diving into the ISO 27001 Ninja’s YouTube channel as well as a coaching session, Erica’s career has skyrocketed.  
  • Has attracted 11 new clients with her ISO 27001 badass status.
  • By specialising in ISO 27001, she is able to command more in consulting fees.

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What You’ll Get From The High Table ISO 27001 Toolkit: Consultant Edition

If all of this isn’t enough to make that finger hit ADD TO BASKET, here’s what else you can expect from our unrivalled toolkit:

  • Cheat-sheets, articles and templates to help you get quick UKAS ISO 27001 certification for your clients.
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  • An easy-to-follow format that will teach you how to get your clients certified in weeks rather than months.
  • Expert status in a fraction of the time it would have taken you without this incredible toolkit.
  • Access to my famous ISO 27001 YouTube channel which is packed with FREE, helpful content to guide you through every single stage of the ISO 270001 process.
  • Expert guidance and advice, whenever you need it – from the #1 fastest growing ISO27001 company, globally.

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