Third Party Supplier Register


Suppliers are a critical part of your information security. Recording, managing and tracking supplier information security assurance. Risk scoring and reviewing suppliers in this simple register.

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Third Party Supplier Register Template


The purpose of the Third Party Supplier Register Template is to record and manage third parties and suppliers. The supply chain is one of the most vulnerable aspects for information security. We record who our suppliers are, what they do for us, what data we share, how important to us they are. We risk score them and we conduct reviews of them for appropriate contracts and for assurances that they are doing the right things for information security.

Third Party Supplier Register Template Contents

Supplier Name
What do they do for us?
What kind of data do they have?
Do we have a copy of our contract? (Y/N)
Link to / Location of contract
Contract expires date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Contact Person
Contact Telephone Number
Contact Email
Risk Score
Do they rely on other 3rd parties to provide the service?
Next audit / review date
Last audit / review date

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