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ISO 27001 Build and Implementation gets you fully ISO 27001 certification audit ready. Every information security policy, document, process, template that you will need plus training so you can run the information security management system yourself.

We are going to build and implement ISO 27001

We are going to build and implement ISO 27001. Every information security policy, document, process and template that you need. We are going to train you on it. We are going to show you what you need to do and help you do it.

At the end of this stage you will be ready to take the ISO 27001 certification exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the ISO 27001 build and implementing take?

1 to 3 months. Whilst the price is fixed, the time it takes depends on how fast you can provide information that you know about your self. Sounds easy? In our experience companies providing the information they know about themselves takes the longest time and is the biggest factor in how long it takes to implement.

Is the cost of the actual ISO 27001 certification included?

No. To you will certify with a certification body and their costs are subject to their pricing and contract.

How much will the ISO 27001 certification body charge?

It depends on you how big you are but estimate for a small business in the region of £6,000 to £8,000. You should contact the certification bodies for appropriate quotes.

Can you take the ISO 27001 certification test for us?

Yes. And no. We can take the ISO 27001 certification audit WITH you. You still have work to do but with us by your side you have a significantly higher chance of passing. This would be an additional service and cost.

Can we split the payments rather than pay on line?

Yes. You can contact us – to discuss options.

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Need more information

Not ready to buy yet, based on seeing an advert? 🙂

You probably have doubts, don’t know what is actually involved and have a ton of questions. This is normal. You can contact us. We are friendly, open and honest. If we can’t help you, we will tell you.

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ISO 27001 Templates Toolkit Review


Meet the team behind the ISO 27001 templates

Practitioners for over 20 years in Governance, Risk and Compliance. These are the ISO 27001 tools we use day in day out.

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*Prices exclude the cost of certification with the certification body

ISO 27001 Certification Details

This is a one of a kind approach to ISO 27001 certification. You pick and choose exactly what you need. You pay for only what you need. The prices are open and transparent. You won’t find that anywhere else. Designed for small business up to 50 employees.

How is this going to work then?

You need an accredited certification body to take the certification test with. We can recommend one to you that is both cost effective and efficient. Getting your test booked will dictate your time lines.

You are then going to build the Information Security Management System – which is this product offering.

Then you are going to document the your processes and controls. These are business specific. We can help with this but you do have work to do. Don’t let anyone mislead you or tell you any different.

Once that is done an internal audit is going to be conducted and you are going to go for the test.

If you take our guide option we will walk you through it. It isn’t that hard. Trust us. Once you know what to do.

Your fees with the certification body are going to be on top. We can’t get away from that either. They are separate commercial businesses with their own pricing. But at least you know with ISO 27001 Certification Lite the costs that you do have and what you are going to get for it.


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