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Version 8.0 of the ISO 27001 Toolkit is now live. To download it you need to LOG IN, then the go to the main ISO27001 Toolkit product here:

Latest Toolkit: Version 8.0

Last Updated: 6 November 2022

Link To Latest Toolkit:

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Change Log: 6 November 2022


Version 8 represents a full refresh of the ISO27001 toolkit. It is a rebrand as part of our overall rebranding process and it includes a number of value add enhancements.

*** The Mapping Has Been Updated

In folder 8 Audit the file - '1b. Audit Template ISO 27002 2013 and 2022 Version PRE MAPPED' has been significantly updated to map the toolkit to each version of ISO27001 and each version of 27002. It is also written in an 'audit' tone of voice to significantly save you time when conducing an internal audit. The documents that are mapped are in the column 'positive' and are in bold.

There is a new column, which can be removed, at then end called 'Guidance' that is a link to a specific blog and guide on that particular clause. 

*** The policies have Mapping Included

All of the policies have been updated with a mapping table at the end that shows exactly which control relates to them for each version of ISO27001 and each version of 27002. 

*** New Policies are added

There are 2 new policies that have been added as an enhancement for the 2022 update. 
	IS 26 Cloud Service Policy
	IS 27 Intellectual Property Rights Policy

*** Policies enhanced

Where appropriate policies have been enhanced

*** New template: 7 Software License Assets Register

As part of intellectual property we need to evidence the software that we use and that we are using in line with license agreements. This value add template introduces a way for people to record software assets if they do not have a tool to do it.

*** New template: 1 Information Security Objectives

The new templates removes the objectives from the document: Information Security Management System and puts them in their own template where it makes logical sense to have them. It provides example objectives and expands out the additional required details. 

The information security objectives in the document: Information Security Management System - have been replaced with a section called 'Information Security Objectives Framework' that documents the framework that is used to come up with the information security objectives. 

*** New template: Change Log

For those not using a tool or system for recording changes this new template is value add template for managing changes. 

*** New template: ISMS Management Plan

There are things that happen in the year for the information security management system and the new standard references that changes are managed and planned so we have provided a simple ISMS Management Plan with key task to get you started that records and evidences what you are already doing. 
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