Sometimes the simplest of solutions are the most obvious. The ALLOWLIST was born.

Cyber Security Market Place

Cyber security and data protection suppliers ranked, rated, reviewed, with basic due diligence documents available. Think Match dot Com for business. We put you in touch with your perfect supplier.

Not Just a Directory

A preferred supplier list of trusted solutions. ALLOWLIST disrupts entire industries by removing middlemen, removing commission and exposing pre vetted, trusted suppliers direct to the customer. With the ability to speak to a human to navigate the list with someone that understands the industry, your guide, if needed.

The Difference

The difference is in the team. Stuart has worked in this industry for over 20 years, is respected, trusted and often approached to recommend people and solutions. Lee comes from a background of solutions brokering and works with some of the UK’s best companies today. Adam helps with a wealth of design, marketing and creative knowledge and experience. A formidable team that are not marketeers, not middlemen, not ad men, not a reseller in disguise but geniune trusted Yorkshire men on a mission to put customers in touch with the right solutions for them.


What ever cyber security solutions you are looking for from the the list of pen testing companies, to the list of GDPR compliance companies ALLOWLIST is your new go to.

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